About Us 

BUSINESS E-INCUBATOR GO-UP is established thanks to the joint collaboration of the Horizon Results Booster of the European Commission.

We are aiming to accelerate smart growth in Europe by facilitating: startup companies, cooperativism, social entrepreneurship, impact investment, youth agri-preneurship and venture-building across the whole agri-food value chain; creating smart, green jobs and intelligent employment opportunities for youth; and improving the regional framework of MSMEs development through the support and networking of local and regional partners in the public, private, civil-society and academic sectors.


We offer targeted support and services related to:

  • Capacity enhancement: training, consulting, mentoring and other services to SMEs/ start-up and entrepreneurs in accordance with clearly defined skills gaps.
  • Job/ employment creation: facilitating start-up and competitiveness of the SMEs (incl. among students/ researchers) and promote innovation in the agri-sector with highest potential employment creation and growth.
  • Cross-sectorial linkage development: fostering and strengthening academic - business cooperation.
  • Venture building in agri-food and bioeconomy by pooling together resources, creating facilities for growing businesses from scratch to unicorns, innovating in products, services and value chains that are climate neutral, smart and socially fair.

Our Plus

We are multi-level, multi-national organization established on successful long-term partnership and collaboration between academia, business and non-governmental sector.