Darina Zaimova

Deputy Head of Department

Darina Zaimova Assoc. Prof. Darina Zaimova is a Deputy Head of Department “Industrial business and entrepreneurship” at the Faculty of Economics in Trakia University and Head of Department “Economic analyses and social research” at the Institute for sustainable transition and development. She is a beneficiary of several research awards and specialized in Germany, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Lithuania, Slovakia, etc. Darina Zaimova has experience as project coordinator and the scientist in charge of projects financed through European funding programmes (FP7, H2020, Erasmus +, Interreg), as well as national financed research programmes. Her teaching and research interests include eco-entrepreneurship, business planning, sustainable development, bioeconomy, local development and government policy. She has been the Vice-rector for Project affairs at Trakia University for the period 2015-2019, and the Vice-Rector for Internationalisation at the Pavlodar Pedagogical University, Kazakhstan for the period 2019-2020.