Halis Kalmış

professor in the Biga Vocational School

Halis Kalmış professor in the Biga Vocational School of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi (ÇOMÜ). His research falls within different areas such as social and humanities, business, accounting. His articles have been published in many journals such as International Social Sciences Studies Journal, Hoaukrenmall, Journal of Social, Humanities and Administrative Sciences, Journal of Life Economics, Journal of Awareness, Journal of Management Sciences, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Development. He has published in symposiums such as IV. International Rating Academy Congress Village Institutes and Newb Searches in Education, 2nd International   Rating Academy Congress on HOPE, International Awareness Conference: Awareness in Education, Science, Art and Philosophy (RA/ICA 2017) symposiums. He took partin many European Union projects and acted asa scientific referee for the Journal of Life Economics in 2015