PhaseGrowth OÜ (headquartered in Tallinn) has the status of Copernicus Relay in Estonia and became an associate member of the EO4GEO sectorial alliance for skills in the geospatial field. As such, PhaseGrowth has interacted actively with key organisations in the domain Estonia- and worldwide. The company acts as a consultant about downstream applications of satellite data (project management, financing, research and development, training) as well as a technology provider of tailor-made solutions. Currently, it offers its own in-house SaaS solution for tracking in real time of goods within multimodal logistics.



Rosen Dimov


Rosen Dimov Assoc Prof Dr Rosen Dimov is the founder of PhaseGrowth. He has an interdisciplinary experience in innovation-related fields, combined with a background as a serial entrepreneur and VC founder. Previously he worked as a consultant and expert with the European Union and the World Bank.