Online course “Business Communication” 

There are numerous approaches to correct communication, or techniques, such as using bias-free and clear language, familiar and precise expressions. Why is it so important to devote time to learning correct communication?
The apparent reason is to save time from engaging in extraneous and indirect explanations about what you intend to communicate. Also, it is important to determine when to communicate in person, on the phone, by email, etc.
Aims of the course
In order to determine what and how to say it in a business environment, you must imagine the audience to which you are about to address your information and what their reaction would be.
People who can communicate well use various techniques to make their expression understandable and efficient. To use these techniques successfully, we have prepared a course that will teach you how to write, speak and communicate better.
The online course “Business Communication and Correspondence” contains useful advice for effective written business correspondence, emailing, telephone conversations, organization and conducting business meetings.
Some of the topics we shall focus on are:
    •    How to choose the most proper way to deliver your message?
    •    How to predict the reactions of your audience?
    •    What good practices are employed in writing electronic communications?
    •    How to talk on the phone as a professional?
    •    How to conduct and end a business meeting?
Course content:
Theoretical part: Interactive graphic elements, graphs, and infographics, examples, entry-level self-assessment test, telephone etiquette test, final test.
Total: 127 slides
Module 1. Written communication
Module 2. Tips for writing an email
Module 3. Tips for telephone conversations
Module 4. Organizing and conducting meetings

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