Online course “Negotiation and persuasion”

Successful negotiation. Persuasion skills.
Often people underestimate our negotiation and persuasion skills. Why? Because we think their place is in the business world and they should stay there. However, how do you resolve disputes or misunderstandings outside of such an environment? With the same approaches. Learn more here.
Sometimes our needs, goals, desires clash with those of others. What are negotiations? A reasonable way, without arguments and insults, to iron them out and come to a mutual agreement.
Focus on getting results and your negotiations will be successful every time! And not just any outcome, but one that is win-win. They need to feel that they win from the outcome and that their point of view is respected.
Learning objectives
In the e-learning "Negotiation and Persuasion", we will briefly introduce: how to improve your negotiation skills, how to negotiate across cultures, what barriers to overcome in persuasion, how to deal with people who do not follow the rules, how to deal with difficult issues.
Content of the training
The training contains a total of 23 slides. For successful completion, the training contains a Final Test with 10 questions on the lecture material.
Agenda of the e-learning "Negotiation and Persuasion"
Module 1. Negotiation
Module 2. Persuasion
To convince people of your point of view, you will need to gather all possible facts before the negotiation takes place. You can point out all the advantages and disadvantages of the current situation so as to systematize what should be avoided and what should be achieved. Be flexible - if someone is willing to compromise for you, do the same. When an agreement is reached, make a commitment and stick to it.

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