Online course "How to make a presentation?"

The e-learning course “How to Make a Presentation?” will help you improve your presenting skills. 
The training will be useful, regardless of the sphere or your level of professional development. No matter if you are a director, manager, specialist in a certain area, or you simply wish to enrich your knowledge for preparing and delivering presentations, you may take advantage of our e-learning course.
    1.    What questions should you address when you prepare your presentation?
    2.    Useful tips for organizing the materials you will need for your presentation.
    3.    What language should you select for your presentation?
    4.     Choice of presentation method.
    5.    Tips for the correct use of verbal means of communication.
    6.    Tips for the correct use of non-verbal communication.
    7.    Which are the main obstacles to effective communication?
    8.    How to choose the most suitable visual means?
    9.    Rules for preparing PowerPoint presentations.
  10.    How to cope with stage fright and the Q&A session at the end of the presentation?
  11.    How to present yourselves in the best possible way?
The course includes:
    •    Theoretical part: 6 modules
    •    Video materials: 6 pcs
    •    Final test
Total of 70 slides. Theoretical part: 45 slides. Final test: 25 slides
Additional materials: text materials for the training
Number of interactions: 286

You can sign up for the course by emailing us on the form below with your name, email, phone number and additional message. 


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